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Oltre vent'anni di esperienza

Godino Group

               A great business idea!

The Company was founded by Mr. Vincenzo Godino in 1998, in Naples, south of Italy. In short time a start-up trading company became the biggest player of the Italian Solid Fuel Appliances Market.


In 2010 sales numbers were very impressive: we sold more than 200.000 wood burning fireplaces in 12 years. And relationships with the main Italian Brico retailers were very strong.In 2014 we decided to enlarge our portfolio with wood burning pizza ovens. Italy was a huge market for Pizza Ovens and there was a big demand for high quality products at competitive price.










As first step we designed a small range of few ovens and asked our suppliers to produce them for us. To be honest, the basic idea was to copy the most famous model on the market.The idea was great. Sales even more: in January 2019 we reached 1000 units sold in Italy! Feedbacks are very positive and our ovens are known on the market as very good quality products at very competitive prices.

Next step was ready: we designed a new range of hybrid models to increase functionality and quality of the ovens. Metal bodies and steel laser cutting parts are manufactured by our European sister company, ISO certified. While painting, assembling, packaging and warehouse are in Avellino (Italy).


April 2019: our new oven “VITA” was launched on the Italian Market, Wood burning and hybrid version (wood/gas burner). With BBQ option. And a second bigger hybrid oven “MAX” was launched in June.

Italy is done. We have a strong position on the market. The next challenge is the rest of the world.

We will do our best.

As usual. 


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