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Concept: the family & professional oven  

The Family Oven

       The basic idea of our business!


""Would you buy a Pizza Oven?

...Yes but...I can't! Too expensive...""

That was  the most popular answer in Italy.

Everybody wanted to buy, but the price level was too high for standard families...

So, when we entered this business the main point to reach was a very competitive price level...and we reached our aim: a fantastic range of ovens, with affordable prices to be used in all families, with professional results. 

All our models are designed and manufactured following our 


-“first choice” certified raw materials;

-the best relation between “smart design” and “easy to use” ;

-very competitive price;

-full warranty and efficient after sales service.

If you’re looking for traditional taste and want to try an amazing cooking experience, without investing huge money… our ovens are the best on the market.

The basic idea is very simple: thanks to a massive refractory floor and stainless steel (1/10 in thick) structure, our pizza ovens reach the right cooking temperature in short time and with very low consumption of wood.

The perfect insulation keeps the temperature high for long time and offer possibility to cook not only pizza but bread, meat and any kind of meal that needs slow and long cooking time.

All ovens are ready to use after unpacking, and you don’t have to do hard building works.

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